Stories From Banting’s Basement: Week 14

Hello again (and for the final time)! My internship is over, so now it’s time to reflect on the past 14 weeks. In the bedroom of Sir Frederick Banting at Banting House, guests can write “Dear Dr. Banting” letters just as people did throughout Banting’s lifetime. So, for my final blog post, I would like... Continue Reading →

Stories From Banting’s Basement: Week 12

Hello again! It has been another busy week of cataloguing, giving tours, and completing preventative conservation measures on new artefacts.   One of these measures was to remove some artwork from their frames. This is an important task as the frames can take up a lot of space, meaning less room for other important artefacts.... Continue Reading →

Stories From Banting’s Basement: Week 11

Hello again! This week was busy. I spent a lot of my time cataloguing objects, giving tours, and working on my research project.   This week I catalogued a Glass-Ball Mosaic kit that belonged to Teddy Ryder. It is currently displayed in our “I’m a Fat Boy Now” exhibit. This item is used to show... Continue Reading →

Stories From Banting’s Basement: Week 10

Hello again! Last week was a pretty typical week here at Banting House. I spent most of my time managing the collection. I wrapped books, put objects away in storage, and covered tours when needed.   Today, I wanted to talk about the research project I have been working on throughout the past nine weeks... Continue Reading →

Stories From Banting’s Basement: Week 8

Hello! This week I spent most of my time cleaning the collections storage area in preparation for more material. This included finding new ways to organize the collection that both saves space and is logical for future research.   For today’s post I wanted to discuss what happens after a collection is in storage. As I... Continue Reading →

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