Stories From Banting’s Basement: Week 8

Hello! This week I spent most of my time cleaning the collections storage area in preparation for more material. This included finding new ways to organize the collection that both saves space and is logical for future research.   For today’s post I wanted to discuss what happens after a collection is in storage. As I... Continue Reading →

Stories From Banting’s Basement: Week 7

Hello again! This week has been an exciting week! As you all know, I have been working hard at cataloging the objects and archival material in the Teddy Ryder collection. This past week I finished inputting all the information into the database.  Now, for each object I have put on an accession number, completed research,... Continue Reading →

Stories From Banting’s Basement: Week 6

Hello again! This past week, I have again been working hard at cataloguing the Teddy Ryder collection. I finished cataloguing the artefacts and am now working my way through the archival material. This includes correspondence, newspaper clippings, journal articles, diet sheets and plenty more.   While completing this task an issue came up of how many... Continue Reading →

Stories From Banting’s Basement: Week 5

Hello again!   This week was also an exciting week! On Monday, DiAthlete came for a tour of Banting House. The tour was filmed as part of a project DiAthlete is completing for their 100th anniversary of the discovery project. Some photos of this event have been posted on our social media.   Other than... Continue Reading →

Stories From Banting’s Basement: Week 4

Hello again! Another week at Banting House has been completed!   This week was exciting because I participated in my first event here. Last Friday, as you may have seen on our social media, Banting House participated in an Only in OEV Fridays event where artists came to dance and paint in the garden, and... Continue Reading →

Stories from Banting’s Basement: Week 2 

Week 2 has been busy! I have started research on enhancing the social media program for Banting House by looking at new methods to engage with the public. I have also completed training to run tours by shadowing volunteers to see what information they bring forward to guest. Within the next couple of weeks I will... Continue Reading →

On Banting, Pavlov, and Rabbit Holes 

My time volunteering at Banting House has led me down one rabbit hole after another. It started with one famous image, Dr. Frederick Banting with the famous Russian doctor, Ivan Petrovitch Pavlov. Pavlov, like Banting, won the Nobel Prize in Physiology or Medicine (1904) for his work in studying the physiology of digestion. In 1935,... Continue Reading →

Stories from Banting’s Basement: Week 1

Hello! I am Patti Nagle, and as you may have seen from our Instagram post, I am the new summer intern at Banting House National Historic Site of Canada.   Before coming to Banting House, I received my Honours Bachelor of Arts degree in History and Business at the University of Waterloo. Here I took... Continue Reading →

The End?

Here we are, December 8th, last day of the term, and last day at Banting House as the intern of Fall 2021. It does feel a bit surreal. Time has flown by so quickly. I have enjoyed my time here at Banting House immensely. From creating the online exhibit to social media outreach to tours,... Continue Reading →

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