The End?

Here we are, December 8th, last day of the term, and last day at Banting House as the intern of Fall 2021. It does feel a bit surreal. Time has flown by so quickly. I have enjoyed my time here at Banting House immensely. From creating the online exhibit to social media outreach to tours,... Continue Reading →


We wrapped up #GivingTuesday yesterday with a thank you. I was looking for an image to accompany this post and I found an image of Banting working in his lab. I have not done any posts about "object attachment", that is finding a certain object appealing. My logic for using this photo in our "thank... Continue Reading →

Bleeding Blue

Did you know that that spiders don't bleed red, but rather bleed blue? I'm not here to say that I'm a spider, nor that I am of royal lineage, but rather share an entirely different sentiment. Humans bleed red because "it has a red-colored compound called heme that's crucial for carrying oxygen through your bloodstream.... Continue Reading →

Feelings in Translation

This week has been a whirlwind. I've been preparing for the upcoming online exhibit of Tattoos and Diabetes. I'm really excited to showcase the great stories and ink that people have shared with us. I hope you find it enjoyable and inspiring. We are releasing it on November 14th. We also have a lot of... Continue Reading →

The World is Small

Hello all, As I explained in previous blog posts, I am currently working on an exhibit on tattoos and how they help empower people (or friends/family) with diabetes. So far, it has been amazing and fascinating to hear these stories. Today I want to explore how small the world really is. I am aware that... Continue Reading →

Rolling With the Punches

Hello all, apologies for no blog post last week, I was working at home. Some people may wonder "what is it like to work for a museum, when you aren't actually in the museum?" It's a really good question, and one to think about indeed. It is difficult. Being around your museum encourages deeper thoughts... Continue Reading →

Insulin and Ink

Hello all, nice to have you all back on the blog. This week, I shadowed another tour and got a different perspective. Each visitor is so unique, I love it. This week, the tour involved a diabetes educator from North Carolina and having Type 2 herself. It was fascinating for her to come and learn... Continue Reading →

Worlds Apart? Not So Much

Hello all, Thanks again for reading my blog. This week, I'm focusing on Truth and Reconciliation Day and what that was like here at the Banting House. For one, I learned a lot about Banting's relationship with the Indigenous Peoples of Canada. He was very supportive of them: in one instance he railed against the... Continue Reading →

One World Entire

Hello all, my name is Avi Shaver. I am the new student worker here at the Frederick G. Banting House, National Historic Site of Canada. It is a pleasure to meet whoever is reading this. I am originally from the United States; Minnesota to be specific, though I have lived in various other places as... Continue Reading →

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