Stamping Out Diabetes

Stamping Out Diabetes Virtual Exhibit

Philatelics, or stamp collecting, is one of the most popular hobbies in the world. In fact, the art of stamp collecting is as old as the postage stamp itself! Collectors have hoarded envelopes, postcards, and letters since the first postage stamp was issued by Great Britain in 1840. 

Letters and postage have always been an important way to build communities locally and globally. While other forms of communication have gained popularity over written letters, postage stamps remain an integral part of celebrating, commemorating, and remembering important people and events. With different countries creating new stamps each year, there are hundreds of thousands of stamps for collectors to find – the postage possibilities are endless! 

2021 marks the 100th anniversary of the discovery of insulin, a discovery that has saved millions of lives around the world. In the summer of 1921, Frederick Banting along with colleagues Charles Best, James Collip, and John Macleod first isolated insulin from the pancreas as a treatment for diabetes. One century after this famous discovery, the Toronto Team’s initial research continues to drive a search for the cure to diabetes, a disease that affects over 460 million people worldwide. 

To celebrate insulin’s centenary and the release of a new, official commemorative stamp, Banting House National Historic Site of Canada has created this brand-new digital exhibit to showcase the history of diabetes-stamps! These stamps from over 25 countries reveal the history of stamps and the history of the recognition, de-stigmatization, and treatment of diabetes.

The exhibit will open virtually on April 14th following the unveiling of the 100 Years of Insulin stamp!

You’ll have the chance to send Dr. Banting own “postcard” via the virtual Dear Dr. Banting Letter activity in the exhibit!

Watch the Unveiling

Watch curator Grant Maltman unveil the 100th Anniversary of Insulin commemorative stamp to the world!

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