Science and Medicine (Diabetes Ink)

Science and Medicine

Many of the tattoos in this theme are extremely personal in nature, including tributes to insulin the science behind the disease or a caduceus. Many opt for a medical alert bracelet, as opposed to an actual one both for expressive and safety reasons.

Here’s what they’re saying:

“I kept misplacing my medical alert bracelets and needed a way to inform people of my diabetes if I was unconscious. Very simple font that is easy to read with no design to get lost in.”


“I never was good at wearing medic alert jewelry so I just went ahead and made it permanent.”


“I was very tired of spending money on medical alert bracelets; in the long run, the tattoo saved me lots of money.”


“I have this tattoo as a joke really – I played volleyball in high school and I had to take off my medical alert bracelet.. so my mom made a joke saying “you should just get the bloody thing tattooed”… so I did.”


“There’s not a cure, it’s a treatment. Like it’s something I have to take a shot, I take four to five shots every day of my life.”


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