Other (Diabetes Ink)


This category often represents imagery that encompasses many themes, sometimes larger than diabetes itself.

Here’s what they’re saying:

“Your last campfire is looking out over that Lake. If you think and know Huronda, that is what you’re going to think of.” (Huronda is a camp for people with diabetes in Ontario)


“I came up with this tattoo idea as I am from London Ontario and Sir.Frederick Banting discovered my life saving medication (insulin) right in my home town.”


“The repurposed insulin bottle as a vase is kind of like a pretty way to commemorate the liquid that keeps me going.”


“I am the flower growing thanks to insulin because without this precious liquid, I would not be here.”


Submit YOUR story/tattoo

If you’re interested in sharing, here is what we are looking for. Please email to banting@diabetes.ca 

  1. Name 
  2. Age you received your tattoo
  3. Age you received your (or your friend/family) diagnosis
  4. Location 
  5. 2-3 sentences why you got your tattoo.

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