Mental Health (Diabetes Ink)

Mental Health

Diabetes is a stressful disease. There are external stresses, remembering to monitor blood glucose levels and ensuring to administer the proper amount of insulin and internal stresses which include maintaining proper blood glucose levels and feelings of personal doubt and or fault when not maintaining optimal levels. Tattoos found here symbolize how many feel – they are greater than their highs and lows.

Here’s what they’re saying:

“I want something for myself. I want something to show I am a fighter and I don’t want my disease define who I am.”


“I wanted something to look at for myself. To remind me of strength and perseverance and all of the qualities that we’re required to have.”


“I got it because not only is it a pun (my favorite thing) for the highs and lows I experience everyday but it’s also a reminder that I’m strong. And I always will be.”


“I am greater than my highs and lows!”


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