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Banting House sells several posters showcasing the discovery of insulin and Sir Frederick Banting.

Discovery of Insulin
Item No: 2-203
Price: $5.75

He Gave His All
Item No: 2-2-4
Price: $5.75


In addition to being a a world-famous scientist, Frederick Banting was also an accomplished painter. Several of his paintings have been re-printed in limited numbers to create a series titled “Four Seasons.” Currently, Autumn: Georgian Bay 1932, Summer: Eastern Arctic 1927, Winter: Near St. Irenee, 1932, and Spring: Rocky Mountains, Calgary, 1934 are available for sale. The prints can be sold framed or matted.

For pricing and images, please contact Banting House NHSC Curator Grant Maltman at (use “Banting Prints” in subject line) or 519-673-1752 ext 226 for more information. 

Eastern Arctic, 1927
Eastern Arctic, 1927

Georgian Bay, 1932
Georgian Bay, 1932

Near St. Irenée, 1931
Near St. Irenée, 1931

Rocky Mountains, Calgary. 1934

In addition to these prints, another Dr. Banting print, Off Mary Lake, is available for purchase at the price of $28.25.

Off Mary Lake.

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  1. Is it feasible to have a figurine by Royal Doulton produced of Frederick Banting or something similar? Thanks

    1. Interesting. We are currently working on miniature pewter statue of Sir Frederick along with the Globe and the Flame of Hope. Apologies for the delay in responding.

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