Title: Banting: A Biography
Author: Michael Bliss
Price: $29.35 (paperback)
Item Number: 1-101
Info: (taken from back cover)
Frederick Banting was thirty-one when he received the Nobel Prize for his part in the discovery of insulin. He was catapulted to instant fame, for which he was neither personally nor professionally prepared. Set up as head of his own research institute by a grateful government, he struggled fruitlessly to duplicate his first triumph. His marraige to a  beautiful socialite ended in a scandal that shocked Toronto, and he turned to work and painting to dull his frustration. He died in a mysterious plane crash; a new preface to this edition discusses recent findings about the crash.
Michael Bliss’ highly acclaimed biography explores the life of a scientist who during his lifetime was the most famous of all Canadians, but who in his private life stands revealed as a passionate, troubled man, in many ways the victim of his own fame. 

Title: Breakthrough: Banting, Best, and the Race to Save Millions of Diabetics
Thea Cooper and Arthur Ainsberg
Price: $35.75 (hardcover)
Item Number: 1-102
Info: (taken from inside flap) In the early 1920s, a diagnosis of juvenile diabetes was a death sentence. Researchers were close to understanding its cause, but the cure eluded them. Frederick Banting, a rough-hewn and mercurial young doctor, was barely surviving as a part-time teacher in London, Ontario. One evening he fell asleep while reading an article about diabetes. He woke before dawn and scribbled two sentences in his note book. Those lines would make medical history.
Banting found his way to the University of Tornto, where he collaborated with Charles Best, a researcher, and Dr. John Macleod, a renowned expert on diabetes. As their work progress and its implications were understood, others were drawn into the drama: eminent physicians, a gifted chemist, the head of a great pharmaceuitcal concern. Inevitably, egos and ambitions collided as each sought credit for the momentsous discovery.
Meanwhile, Elizabeth Hughes, the daughter of the American Secretary of State, faced imminent death. Her mother, desperate to save her, defied convention and challenged her husband’s integrity to giver her daughter a chance at a cure.
Thea Cooper  and Arthur Ainsberg skillfully weave these stories, with their powerful personalities, their conflict and confrontations, into a fascinating narrative of discovery and redemption. This is epic history told with heart and verve.

Title: Frederick Banting: Hero, Healer, Artist
Author: Stephen Eaton Hume
Price: $15.75
Item Number: 1-103
Info: (taken from back cover) Dr. Frederick Banting was responsible for one of the greatest achievements in medical history, the discovery of insulin. After serving as a medical officer in France during the First World War, Banting returned to Canada a decorated war hero. He completed his training as a surgeon and set up a medical practice in London, Ontario. His practice was failing when he had the idea to develop insulin in 1920. That idea, which came to him on a sleepless night, eventually saved the lives of countless diabetics throughout the world.
Working in a  small lab under gruelling conditions, Banting conducted his reserach at the University of Toronto. His work was directed by J.J.R. Macleod and assisted by Charles Best, and the team soon included J.B. Collip. Banting’s trial-and-error method of research led the production of useable insulin in 1922.
As the principal discoverer of insulin, Frederick Banting was showered with awards, money, and unending gratitude. No single event in the history of medicine has so dramatically changed the lives of so many people. In 1923 he became the first Canadian to receive the Nobel Price, and in 1934 he was knighted.
Banting hated being famous. he tried to keep his tumultuous personal life out of the newspapers, but his divorce was scandalous. He loved to paint, and his closest friend was the artist A.Y. Jackson, with whom he went on sketching trips to Quebec and the Arctic. Banting believed that scientific achievement, like great art, was the result of intuition and hard work. Scientists, like artist, were rebels who practised their profession on the fringes of society.
In this book, Frederick Banting comes to life with all his anger, energy, and passionate devotion to medicine.

Title: A Miracle for Maggie
Author: Stephen Eaton Hume
Item Number:
(taken from back cover) Before Dr. Frederick Banting and his colleagues discovered insulin in the early 1920s, people afflicted with diabetes died horribly and had no hope. Maggie Davis is a young girl who lives in Chester, Nova Scotia, near Halifax, when her beloved Uncle Nick is killed by diabetes. Maggie’s father, who is a doctor, is greatly saddened by his brother’s death, and soon has to deal with his own daughter’s diagnosis with the dread disease. Various remedies are tried, including the starvation diet popular at the time, but nothing works and Maggie’s condition worsens. Meanwhile, in Toronto, Banting and other doctors work night and day to perfect insulin. Will they succeed in time to save Maggie and thousands of others? Stephen Eaton Hume’s poignant novel brings the world of Post World War I Canada vividly to life and presents a tail of nail biting drama that tugs at the heart and allows readers to identify with the plight of one girl’s fight to survive against all odds.

Title: The Complete Canadian Diabetes Cookbook


Author: Katherine E. Younker

Price: $29.35

Item Number: 1-107

Info: (taken from back cover) Over 2 million Canadians live with diabetes, and careful meal planning is the key to managing the disease. The more than 250 diabetes-suitable recipes in this book feature complete nutritional information based on the new CDA meal planning system. Healthy cooking and eating become a breeze – and that’s a major step in taking control of diabetes. Managing diabetes doesn’t have to mean eating uninteresting food for the rest of your life. You’ll be amazed at the wonderful variety of flavours you can savour while following your meal plan.

Title: Choice Menus: Quick and easy Meals and Menus to Help you Prevent or Manage Diabetes


Author: Marjorie Hollands & Margaret Howard

Price: $28.30

Item Number: 1-108

Info: (taken from back cover) Careful meal planning is important for anyone who is managing diabetes or seeking to prevent the onset of Type 2 diabetes. Choice Menus makes it easy. Revised and expanded, Choice Menus takes the guesswork out of daily meal planning and allowed you to enjoy days of delicious and healthy meals and snacks. The innovative split-page format gives you a wealth of meal choices, and the accompanying recipes offer a wide variety of everyday favourites and exciting new flavours.

Title: Canada’s 150 Best Diabetes Desserts


Author: Barbara Selley

Price: $29.27

Item Number: 1-110

Info: (taken from back cover) Everyonewants to enjoy a sweet treat from time to time, and those managing diabetes are certainly no exception. Believe it or not, desserts can occasionally be enjoyed as part of a sensible diabetes meal plan. Discover a rich array of satisfying desserts that will appeal to everyone – not just those managing diabetes.

Title: Hopping into History: London’s Old East Village


Author: Kym Wolfe (Author) & Cheryl Radford (Artist)

Price: $15.75

Item Number 1-112

Info: (taken from inside summary) This book selectively explores the history of Old East Village, woven around some of the heritage buildings and people who have shaped this unique urban community.


Title: Frederick Banting: Canada’s Hero of Science

Publisher: World Famous Heroes Magazine

Price: $5.00

Item Number: 1-113

Info: A comic book from 1941, telling the story of Frederick Banting’s life and the discovery of insulin.

Title: Preston’s Big Game


Author: Aaron Bengall

Price: $19.95

Item Number: 1-114

Info: (from back cover) It’s playoff season and Team Swanny, Preston’s favourite hockey team, is two games behind the Gated Channels. Letdown, Preston’s body starts acting up. What Preston’s body is trying to tell him proves to be crucial to the fate of Team Swanny. Can you help Preston find out what’s stopping the Gated Channels from opening up?

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