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Banting House NHS Gift Shop

Banting House NHS has a small gift shop selling a variety of items ranging from prints of Dr. Banting’s artwork to biographies on Dr. Banting and Banting House and Diabetes related novelty items!

Check out our selection before coming to visit us or, if you’re unable to come here yourself, we’re able to process online orders. All prices include all applicable taxes, but shipping and handling costs will be added on a case by case basis. All items will be shipped by UPS Standard.

To place an order, please download this form, fill it out, and attach it to an email sent to

All proceeds benefit Banting House NHS and its operations.


From Banting: A Biography to Frederick Banting: Canada’s Hero of Science (a comic book!), our gift shop has a wide variety of books to choose from including biographies, diabetic recipe books, comic and picture books, and even a novel!

For a complete list of books and prices please check out our Books page.

Posters and Prints

Banting House sells several posters showcasing the discovery of insulin and Sir Frederick Banting.

In addition to being a world-famous scientist, Frederick Banting was also an accomplished painter. Several of his paintings have been re-printed in limited numbers to create a series titled “Four Seasons.” Currently, Autumn: Georgian Bay 1932, Summer: Eastern Arctic 1927, Winter: Near St. Irenee, 1932, and Spring: Rocky Mountains, Calgary, 1934 are available for sale. The prints can be sold framed or matted.

For a complete list of posters and prints and their prices check out our Posters and Prints page.


Our gift shop has a wide variety of cards, postcards, and note cards featuring Dr. Banting’s artwork and scenes of Banting House NHS.

All cards, excluding post cards, come with white envelopes.

For a complete list of cards and their prices see our Cards page.

World Diabetes Day

It’s never a bad day to sport your best blue in support of diabetes awareness. These items are all in direct support of World Diabetes Day, held annually on the 14th of November.

For a complete list of World Diabetes Day products and prices check out our World Diabetes Day page.


Our gift shop also has a variety of novelty items for sale including Banting House Syringe Pens, bookmarks, and a First Day Cover from 1991.

For a complete list of items see our Miscellaneous page.

Brick Campaign

You can build upon the work of Dr. Banting, by purchasing a personalized, commemorative brick at Banting House National Historic Site.

Whether you know someone with diabetes, are personally affected, or simply want to advocate for your community’s well being, this opportunity is one that you will not want to miss out on.

For more information on our campaign check out our Brick Campaign page. If you’re interested in purchasing a brick check out our Order Form page.

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  1. Is there a possibility that prints of “ painting the lab” will be for sale in the near future? Thank you!
    Caroline Lye

    1. Unfortunately, we were not the successful bidder at the auction. We would love the opportunity to create reproductions, but we do not know who the successful bidder was. Follow us here, on Twitter (@BantingHouse) and Facebook (bantinghousenhs) for the latest details. Thanks for your interest.

  2. Ich möchte einen Blauen Kreis für Diabetes kaufen. Leider geht das im Shop nicht. Bitte schreiben Sie mir wie ich diesen Blue Cirkle kaufen kann.

    1. I am sorry I missed this request. If you are interested in purchasing for next year, we do accept VISA/Mastercard (not debit card). Fee is $4.50 CDN plus shipping. Purchasers send two emails to (1 with card number / 1 with expiry date) and then we process. Again, my apologies for not replying in time for World Diabetes Month 2018.

  3. Thank you for those kind words! We are glad you enjoyed your experience at Banting House and look forward to hosting you again.

  4. Our family visited & experienced the hope that IS Banting House yesterday! It was one of the top 10 most beautiful days of my whole life!! Can you please tell me where I may be able to purchase a copy of the painting by Sir Frederick Banting entitled, “Georgian Bay?” It absolutely spoke to my heart in a way I cannot put into words. Loved reading the letters that other folks with type 1 diabetes have shared at Banting House. Type 1 has impacted our whole family & so to have an afternoon of hope & gratitude yesterday was a joy of the heart. A million thanks. Saundie Rowat & Family 🙂 🙂 :):) 🙂

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