Friends and Family (Diabetes Ink)

Friends and Family

Tattoos have become a way for friends and family to indicate their support and relate to the experience of loved ones with diabetes themselves. Tattoos in this section may include diagrams of insulin pumps, or shared art between individuals.

Here’s what they’re saying:

“Not only are we twins, but we’re also diabetic twins…kind of strengthens our bond and our closeness” -Hall Sisters

“It actually kind of gives her a little bit of confidence when she’s showing other kids her tattoos. It really makes her happy and the other kid’s like, wow, that’s so cool. And then they kind of create a bond that way.” -Mother Maratona

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  1. Name 
  2. Age you received your tattoo
  3. Age you received your (or your friend/family) diagnosis
  4. Location 
  5. 2-3 sentences why you got your tattoo.

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