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  1. Hello,
    I am researching Banting for a project in my history class. The most difficult info I am trying to pin point is his siblings; many Canadian Government websites and Books say he has three brothers and one sister, whereas others say he has five brothers. I would have appreciate any help in clarifying this issue. Thank you for your consideration

    1. Hello Benjamin. Apologies for the delayed response. There sometimes is some confusion because one of his brothers died as a baby. Here is the list of the Banting children and their birth dates: Nelson (1881), Thompson (1882), Kenneth (1884), Alfred (1886 died as a baby), Esther (1887), and Frederick (1891). Good luck with your project!

      1. Thank you!
        FYI: One confusing reference, endorsed by the government of Canada, is a book by Diana Marshall uses one of his Sunday School photos that appears on your website as a picture of his “6 brothers”
        Thought you should know,
        Many Thanks,

      2. Could I trouble you to send me the link or blog post title and we’ll fix the error right away. Thanks.

  2. Hello, I have a Banting family photo, Frederick is about ten in the pic, that was hanging on my husband’s great grandmother’s (she is Margaret’s great niece) wall at home. Just wondering if you have such a photo, and if not we are interested in donating it on her behalf. Thanks.

    1. Good morning Sheila. Thank you letting us know about this. Yes, we would be interested in this photograph. If you could send an email to our curator – – with your contact information. He will contact you this week. I’m sure he will have some questions. Thank you again for thinking of us.

  3. Hi
    I am in the process of constructing a life-size painting of Sir Frederick Banting and was just wondering how tall he was?
    Many thanks

    1. Good morning Alex. Apologies for the delay. Sir Frederick was 5’11” which will make for a big painting! Would you mind sharing the details behind your project? You can email our curator directly at

  4. I am looking for a print of “The Lab” painting by Banting. Do you have a print or poster in the gift shop for purchase ?

    1. Unfortunately, we were not the successful bidder at the auction. We would love the opportunity to create reproductions, but we do not know who the successful bidder was. Follow us here, on Twitter (@BantingHouse) and Facebook (bantinghousenhs) for the latest details. Thanks for your interest.

  5. I recently visited the beautiful garden and tribute. I noticed that there were commemorative bricks in the pathway. Is this something I can purchase to donate in behalf of my son with type 1?

    1. Good morning. Yes you can. I will send you an email about the program which will include sizes, costs, and content instructions. Our goal is to reach 150 to celebrate Canada150 and unveil them in the Global Garden on November 14th, World Diabetes Day and Sir Frederick’s birthday.

  6. I have an oil painting signed by Frederick Banting but I have no documentation for it. How does one go about this? Thanx

    1. Good evening. Not sure what you mean. Are you looking to donate the wobrk or trying to determine it’s validity? Both? Please contact our curator at If you could include a photo of the front and back, that would be helpful.

  7. Good day, I’m wondering if you know of any support groups in London for parents of Type 1 kids?

    1. Hi Christine,

      If you call 1-800-BANTING, the number of the Canadian Diabetes Association, they may be able to direct you to a support group. Hope this helps!

  8. Just bought a letter signed by both Banting and Best with an old photo of their lab.
    It was to Al Gilfert, thanking him?

  9. years ago you had a wonderful foot cream for cracked heels in your gift shop… it still available?

    1. Hi Deborah. Unfortunately, the store the Canadian Diabetes Association used to run has closed and the Museum Gift Shop doesn’t carry those product.

  10. Can you confirm which University of Toronto building was the one where insulin was discovered?

  11. Hello
    Would you be interested in setting up an informative booth at our events such as Kids Expo, Food festival and Ribfest this year?
    Our web site is
    Contact me if you may have any further questions regarding this opportunity.
    Thank you

    1. Hello Omid,
      Thank you for your invitation. We appreciate your offer but unfortunately, our prior summer commitments will prevent us from being able to participate this year. Good luck with your event!

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