A Public History Intern’s Work Week 11

Hello and thank you for joining again. This has been a rather research-heavy week between may various class projects and work here at Banting House. Today I am also scheduled in a meeting to hopefully help with the problems I have been having with the website that I mentioned in one of my previous blogs. I am hoping that this will finally get everything sorted and I will be able to complete the revised Diabetes Ink online exhibit.

In the meantime, one of my class projects at Western University involved creating an online exhibit of my own based around Banting House. It is essentially an exhibit preview featuring the apothecary room, doctor’s office, and the bedroom. It is interactive, allowing visitors to click on some of the artifacts and it will bring up a picture of the artifact and a small explanation about it. I feel that working on Banting House’s website has significantly improved my ability on working with websites.

As part of my class research on the old Victoria’s Hospital for SoHo, a neighborhood south of Downtown London, I was recommended to look into Sir Robert Jones. He was referred to as the world’s greatest Orthopedic Surgeon of his time. He visited Canada, and in particular the War Memorial Children’s Hospital on June 15, 1923. There, he examined 25 children, advising changes in treatments or recommendations, and went on to praise the hospital as one of the greatest he has ever seen. On his visit to London, he was introduced to a young boy who had a congenital amputation leaving him with one leg, but had a prosthetic limb made by Banting, whom Sir Robert Jones described as his friend and ingenious to “make a casing which can be taken as a model for all similar deformities. The location of this meeting is clearly stated in Dr. Banting’s Memoir to have taken place in London, but in Sir Robert Jones’ biography, it states that the meeting took place after a speech he made in Montreal in July 7, 1923. We are currently looking more into this discrepancy.

As we come up on mid-December, my classes for this term are ending and I come up on my last week next week of this term, but I will be back in the winter semester come January.

Until next time, thank you for reading and I hope you join again.

Photo of Sir Robert Jones

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