A Public History Intern’s Work Week 9

Hello and thank you for joining again. Most of this week I have been working on the Banting House National Historic Site’s website, specifically on the Diabetes Ink exhibit.

You may have noticed it, but I changed the Diabetes Ink exhibit’s main page on the website a little, formatting the categories for the exhibit. This change is not permanent as I am creating a new home page to make everything look more sleek and user-friendly, while following the style and theme of the I’m a Fat Boy Now and Dear Dr. Banting website exhibits but I have been running into a problem with the theme I am using. Basically, I cannot edit the body of the theme, nor can I set homepages. I am looking into the problem and reaching out for help but it stands as a work in progress.

Unfortunately there is not much for me to say this week as much of it has been working on the website so for now, thank you for reading.

Picture of Teddy Ryder website exhibit I am trying to replicate the style of.

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