A Public History Intern’s Work Week 8

Hello and thank you for joining again. Following the event for World Diabetes Day came the cleanup effort. Always the most sombre moment, it took a while to dismantle and bring everything in. Following that eventful day, things have started to calm down at least a little once more. I have been helping to move things around and put them in their proper places while also updating the entries for Diabetes Ink’s exhibit with new tattoos that we have been receiving. I am personally very happy to update it as I enjoy seeing the numerous creative designs that people have come up with and their reasons for the designs.

Needless to say, much of the attention for my blogs this week was based around World Diabetes day which was covered in the previous blog so this one will not be very long. It is nice however to take a breath after so many weeks of preparation and last second changes. I have noticed that I am improving at my digital and photo editing skills which I am very proud of. Maybe someday I could learn once more how to do photo restoration, but that will be another day sometime in the furture.

For now, thank you for reading, and I hop to see you again!

Photo of the Diabetes Ink preview.

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