A Public History Intern’s Work Week 7

Hello and thank you for joining again. My apologies for the lack of a post last Friday, we were very busy throughout the week finishing up preparations for November 14 – World Diabetes Day.

World Diabetes Day this year was spectacular! We had approximately 280 visitors who were treated to free open house tours, gluten free cupcakes, and hot chocolate. In attendance, we had Her Honour Elizabeth Dowdeswell Lieutenant Governor of Ontario, His Worship, Mayor Ed Holder, Laura Syron, President and CEO of Diabetes Canada, Jeffrey Latimer, CEO of Canada’s Walk of Fame, the Sir Frederick G. Banting Secondary School Chamber Choir and recording artist Jordan Hart, and finally Bob Banting, grand nephew of Dr. Banting and Melinda Best, granddaughter of Dr. Best.

Attendees enjoyed a number of tributes towards the team of four who discovered insulin, and expressing the hope that a cure will come soon. Along with the speeches, Canada’s Walk of Fame presented Banting House National Historic Site with a Hometown Start commenting the induction of Banting, Best, Collip, and Macleod into Canada’s Walk of Fame. The plaque itself was revealed by Bob Banting and Melinda Best in a joint effort reflective of the two doctors as they worked daily together to discover insulin.

Finally, we finally previewed the upcoming exhibit, Diabetes Ink! If you have been reading my previous blogs, the idea behind the exhibit will be no secret. It is an exhibit depicting many diabetes-related tattoos that people from around the world have sent in to us over the past few years. The display attracted a fair bit of attention and those who looked seemed to enjoy it and wanted to know more. I also had the chance to meet some who also had diabetes tattoos and some who, after seeing the display, wanted to get one of their own.

The event was rather chilly, but the result was fantastic and those who attended expressed enjoyment of their time there. While it was cold, it also felt warm. Until next time, thank you for reading!

A photo of Her Honour Elizabeth Dowdeswell Lieutenant Governor of Ontario, Bob Banting, Melinda Best, and Grant Maltman around the Canada’s Walk of Fame plaque.

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