A Public History Intern’s Work Week 4

Hi and thank you for joining again.

As is the usual case in National Historic Sites, we have been very hard at work this week. Myself, I am now feeling very confident in my ability to give tours, and most of whom I guide seem to have enjoyed their visit which further helps my confidence. Of course this is not without fault, there are some details I feel that I either forget to mention or I forget on the spot such as a name or event, and my tours seem to take longer than they should, so I might be either taking too long or going to much into detail. This is likely because I get very passionate about the topics covered here and I want to tell the visitors everything, but I will get the hang of it with time and practice.

Otherwise, we have been working diligently on the new exhibit, for which I have nearly finished entering the information for the tattoos on our spreadsheet. Because of this, we are expecting to begin thinking about and working out layouts today. Sadly however, this will mean taking down the Teddy Ryder exhibit, the fact which remains ever-present in my mind, but it is all part of the life of public history, most notably in temporary exhibits. Until then, I just have a little more information to enter and then it is on to the design potion of the exhibit display process.

Otherwise, is it business as usual for me. So until next week, thank you for reading!

One of the tattoos sent in by Brian Maxwell.

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