A Public History Intern’s Work Week 3

Hello and thank you for joining again. It has been a pretty busy week here and I have maintained my work focusing on the Diabetes Ink exhibit. In particular, on Wednesday we had a short power outage due to weather, but it came back on just in time as a couple of visitors from out of town returned right after the power returned.
I went on to give them a tour and there were a couple of details about the tour I found nice. The first was that I feel my abilities giving tours here have improved greatly. I still feel that I have some spots which I need to work on varying from small details to some events I need to cover earlier or later, but overall I feel much more comfortable giving tours whilst implementing personality into them and I seem to have been receiving some good reception about them. The second detail was that one of the visitors was translating the tour to the other. I have a big interest in language and translation and utmost respect for translators so this was a joy to see and lead them through. I was also very impressed with how much the translating visitor remembered from what I was saying. I was attempting to keep my lines shorter with pauses between for them, but as we went on, I was impressed as I was able to talk longer before everything was then translated. It was one of my favorite tours so far I feel.
Just a few minutes ago I gave another tour to two groups of two and I am finding myself having a lot of fun on these tours teaching and gauging their various reactions whilst we each sometimes get to know one another and the impacts diabetes have on us all.

But for now, I return to the work for the exhibit which continues to be going rather well. Until next week, thank you for reading!

One of the diabetes tattoos submitted by Kathi Adamo, depicting the chemical formula of insulin.

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