A Public History Intern’s Work Week 2

Hello and thank you for reading! We have been rather busy this week, in particularly for setting up for the coming World Diabetes Day. We are setting up an exhibit which will display several of the tattoos which people have sent relating to diabetes. Personally, I have been noting the information for each of the contacts as well and their corresponding photo. I have also been saving the photos in another file which we can use should anybody wish to see some references should they be planning or wanting to also get a diabetes tattoo.

Other than this however, I have also been working on improving my tour-giving capabilities. I am rather shaky at the moment due to my unfamiliarity of the information, but I have written out several pages of notes, walked myself through my own tour, and I gave a tour earlier this week. Through my efforts, I feel as though I am starting to improve on giving the tour and shortly I should be able to feel very confident as I give it.

Working here is proving to be busy, yet fun as the work I am participating in is very engaging and also very interesting as, at least as of this week, many of the tattoos stood for some principles or ideas I had never thought of before and finding patterns, such as designs well-known within a community is turning out to be very fascinating for me.

As for the title change you have probably been wondering about, I decided to change it as my previous one felt iffy and unfitting. Hopefully this one sticks better.
My next post will be posted next weekend and until then, thank you for reading!

A photo of one of the submitted tattoos stating “I am greater than my highs and lows.”

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