A Public History Intern’s Work Week 1

Hello and thank you for reading. My name is Jesse Sturgill and I am a Graduate Student Research Assistant from Western University’s Public History Masters course working at Banting House National Historic Site for the next two terms. I am an International student, coming from Goshen, Ohio (USA). So far, much of what I have been doing at Banting House is reading about the various different practices that go into running a National Historic Site, as well as the methodologies set in place for the site. I have also been focusing on studying the history of both Banting and the site in order to give tours, of which I have already given a portion of one.

We have many plans set in place both for the site and for projects which I will be assisting with in many different ways. As for now however, I am mostly just getting into the hang of things, and especially preparing myself for both the data entry and the tours I will be giving. I personally look forward to giving the tours as I have a personal enjoyment over the opportunity to show visitors both the site and the artifacts it holds, all while telling them stories about, in this case, Banting that prior to their visit, they may not have known. Most of the tours I have shadowed, visitors have been overly fascinated with the site and stories they see and are told, prompting them to ask many curious questions, especially as they learn facts about Banting that they never would have expected prior.

As I am not from the London area, I did not know about Banting House prior to this opportunity. But upon visiting, I am ecstatic to have the opportunity to work here. As most do, I originally only paired Sir Frederick Banting with the discovery of insulin. I have since found that he did so and also accomplished so much more.

I eagerly look forwards to working here for the weeks to come and the possibility of meeting anyone who may enjoy reading this coming weekly blog. Until then, I hope you enjoy reading, and I will be posting a new blog every Friday!

Also, if you have an idea of a good title as mine is rather, unspectacular, please feel free to let me know!

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  1. I always enjoy reading the intern blog updates – as a relative of Banting, living with type 1, and a Londoner, the history of the house, the man, and all that goes with it, I find all of the updates fascinating.

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