Comments From a Canada Summer Jobs Student – No. 4

Hello again! As we approach the end of the summer (it’s hard to believe how quickly time flies), here at Banting House NHS we are gearing up for some events coming this Fall/Winter! I have been able to help prepare for them by organizing event pages on Facebook and by starting to help update the event page on our website.

The first major event coming up is Doors Open London on September 17th and 18th. This event allows people to explore historical spaces and heritage sites in a unique way. Banting House is proud to be participating in the event this year! With self-guided tours through the museum which will be enhanced with commentary from experienced guides, visitors will find themselves introduced to the incredible life and career of Sir Frederick Banting. This year, we will also be featuring five Augmented Reality Experiences that can be enjoyed when standing in Sir Frederick Banting Square. How does it work? With a smartphone using the app Engage Art (Unique Cultural Experiences), visitors can pull up images in the square alongside fascinating information to learn more about our story. It will be a fantastic event and will help to offer more individuals the opportunity to learn about the history of London and the stories that make this city special! Museum doors will be open 10am-4pm both days with free admission!

The other major event coming up is World Diabetes Day on November 14th! Named in 1991 by the International Diabetes Federation and the World Health Organization, this event is big one. Celebrated annually on Dr. Banting’s birthday, it serves as a time to remember the importance of the discovery of insulin, Banting’s legacy, and the history of diabetes all while raising awareness and recognizing that there still is no cure and that we need to continue to push towards one. On the day, you’ll find Banting House NHS (alongside many other well-known sites around the world) lit up in blue for the event.

Every year, we welcome people from across Canada and beyond to join in on the celebrations. Tours are offered, a birthday celebration is held for Dr. Banting, refreshments are enjoyed, Dear Dr. Banting letters are read, and we unveil some commemorative bricks purchased through our brick campaign! For those unable to make the trip to London for the event, we also live stream on Facebook to allow all to participate. For 2019 celebrations, we had viewers from India, Sweden, Japan, Cuba, the United States, and of course Canada! Stay tuned to our website and our social media pages for more information about the event!

The other project that I have been working on this past week is reorganizing boxes of medical books in our collection. These books were donated to us but got mixed around so I have been getting them back in order and typing up detailed lists to be placed in the boxes to make it easier to find certain books. I’ve really enjoyed piecing them together and have stumbled across some fascinating ones, including one that looks to have been signed by Banting!

That’s all from me this week!

Sir Frederick Banting statue lit up blue for World Diabetes Day

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