The World is Small

Hello all,

As I explained in previous blog posts, I am currently working on an exhibit on tattoos and how they help empower people (or friends/family) with diabetes. So far, it has been amazing and fascinating to hear these stories. Today I want to explore how small the world really is. I am aware that many of my posts revolve around the theme of “the world” but that’s what this experience really is: History is my world. I view the world in lenses of the past to understand the present and to work towards a better future. Time is my friend and apathy is my enemy.

Today I started taking the data of the people thus far that have given us submissions of their tattoos and stories. They’re also sharing where they’re from. One of the beautiful parts of working in a site as impactful as this is you can connect to people all over the world. I’m currently creating a really neat visual to go with our online exhibit that showcases where these people are from. It’s really cool, because it will be interactive, and you can see where people are from. I think it will be very powerful to learn that people can be connected through this community. One of our themes for the tattoos is community, this is merely another way to have that. The visualization will be neat I hope. If you have a story to share with us, please don’t hesitate to share.

Remember that the world is as small as you want it to be. There are many stories, connections, people out there. Let them teach you something.

Stay tuned for more. Thanks for following.

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