You, Too, Can Enjoy Banting’s Four Seasons

Even if they have no prior knowledge of his “hobby,” fans of Sir Frederick Banting the medical genius invariably become fans of Sir Frederick Banting the painter. We are often asked by our visitors and friends, and must sadly advise them that regrettably so very few of Banting’s 200-plus original paintings are actually available for public viewing, never mind available to purchase. Those people fortunate enough to have one truly do cherish, protect and preserve it, as indeed they should.

To allow more people to embrace and enjoy Banting’s truly exquisite depictions of Canadiana, a couple of Diabetes Canada volunteers came up with a most thoughtful if not audacious idea. They created a series of limited-edition numbered prints on archive quality stock – four in total collectively called Banting’s Four Seasons. The funds raised by this initiative specifically were to be used to acquire artifacts that would be available to the public, including the present pursuit of additional pieces of rare original Banting artwork for display at Banting House National Historic Site of Canada. 

Starting first with the beautiful Georgian Bay 1932, only 250 prints of each of Banting’s Four Seasons paintings were and will ever be issued. Capturing an aesthetic and a spirit made famous the world over by Canada’s Group of Seven, the limited-edition set also includes Eastern Arctic 1927, followed by Near St. Irénée 1931 and Rocky Mountains, Calgary 1934.

A numbered print of each of these four paintings is a brilliant addition to any collection – together they truly are a collection.


Here’s your opportunity:

While these prints were released at different times, we have available right now a truly once-in-a-lifetime opportunity for people to purchase rare complete sets of four identically-numbered prints, i.e., 233/250. Very few of these complete sets remain, and we know those will be scooped up very quickly by Banting’s loyal and grateful fans.

So, we encourage you to act fast! The cost for you to buy these prints remains as it has since the launch of the first of Banting’s Four Seasons – $250 for each print matted or $325 for each print matted and framed.

Each print is accompanied with a Certificate of Authenticity and, again, you have Diabetes Canada’s assurance that no other prints of these paintings will ever be made again. Don’t delay. Buy today!

To do so, please contact our curator Grant Maltman directly, either via phone at (519) 673-1752 x2226 or via email at



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  1. Neat idea! As a museum registrar and mother of a 6 year old boy with T1D, I love that you are using prints of Banting’s art work to pursue purchasing more originals for your collection. ~ Erin Turnham

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