Behind the Scenes: Banting and Friends VIII!

Here at Banting House there’s always something going on, and this year, I began my job with a baptism by fire. On June 16, we held our sole annual fundraising event, Banting & Friends VIII – a barbecue and art auction held at Sir Frederick G. Banting Square, right beside the museum. Now in its eighth year, Banting & Friends has proven itself to be a great event time and time again. Frederick Banting was an avid supporter of art, and through this event, his spirit lives on at Banting House.

As the day began, however, things weren’t looking promising. The forecast called for thunderstorms – not good for an outdoor event! As we set up the tents the morning of Banting & Friends, however, the weather began to clear up. Our luck had changed – things finally began coming together as we set up tables and chairs.

I never realized how much work goes into an event as big as Banting & Friends – not only in the planning stages, but also before and during the event. Staff from the museum and the CDA office, as well as volunteers, all came together to help set up the venue and take it down afterwards. Although I was only there for a small part of the setup, I saw the hard work everyone was putting in.

Once things got started in the evening, Banting & Friends went off without a hitch! With a delicious barbecue dinner, a fully stocked bar, and a record number of guests, it was an all-around fantastic evening. For me, the event was especially exciting because I got to meet some of the new volunteers this summer, and catch up with ones who have been here a bit longer. It was a great kickoff to my summer at Banting House!

Banting House BBQ
Guests loved the delicious barbecue dinner catered by Aroma  Mediterranean Restaurant! 

Until next time, I’ll be working hard here at Banting House, gathering new stores to share with you all. I know that Frederick Banting would be proud of what we have accomplished here this week, and what we will continue to accomplish in the future.

This post was written by Kylie Smith. Kylie recently graduated with a B.A. in history and anthropology from The University of Western Ontario, and will be attending teachers college in the fall.

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