My Final Week at Banting House

I knew I would one day be writing this post, but it didn’t feel like it would happen quite so soon – this is my last week at Banting House, and my final blog.
Like all good things, my summer job here must come to an end. I can hardly believe I’ve been here for over two months – in some ways I feel very knowledgeable, but in other ways I feel like I’ve barely begun to learn! This job has been challenging, but also rewarding. As I reflect upon everything I’ve learned this summer, I realize how much I’ve grown, both personally and professionally, thanks to working here.
I’ve become an excellent museum guide –I’ve gotten lots of practice! However, I never expected to learn as much information from the visitors as I share with them. Everyone who comes into Banting House has a story to tell. I’ve also learned so much about diabetes and Frederick Banting. Before I began working here, I am embarrassed to admit I knew very little about diabetes and the challenges people living with it face. After working alongside Canadian Diabetes Association employees (whom I cannot say enough good things about!) and hearing visitor stories, I have a much better understanding of this disease.
Through telling the story of Frederick Banting’s life, I have come to truly appreciate this great man. All proud Canadians should know more about Banting and his contributions to society and the world. I am so impressed by the incredibly strong and connected diabetes community which will continue to improve and help the lives of millions of people.

Frederick Banting, a truly great Canadian.
Frederick Banting, a truly great Canadian.

So, all in all, I would say it’s been a productive summer here at Banting House! I would like to thank all the staff and volunteers, both within Banting House and also at the Canadian Diabetes Association, who have made this such a great experience. I would especially like to thank Grant Maltman, the curator, for being the best boss anyone could ever ask for.
My time here certainly isn’t done – I’ll be volunteering in the fall once I return to school. Until then, I will bid Banting House adieu – when a place is as great as this one, nobody can stay away for too long!

This post was written by Kylie Smith. Kylie specializes in Honours History and minors in anthropology  at The University of Western Ontario.

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