Taking the Lead at Banting House!

As a summer intern at Banting House, I have spent most of my time thus far learning the ropes – but this week, I am taking charge of the entire museum! Our curator, Grant, is taking a well-deserved break, and thus I am the only staff member in the museum (although help is always just a few steps away in the CDA office).

Although the prospect of being in charge for the week is a daunting one, it is also exciting. With our volunteers only here from 12-4 every day, the office can get very lonely in the mornings! However, I am learning a lot about what it means to be in charge of a museum and the responsibilities associated with it. It is the caretaker’s responsibility to make sure everyone who visits Banting House has the best possible experience, and thus far, I think they have! Like every week at the museum, spontaneity rules, and this makes the job even more exciting.

Taking charge of the museum's day-to-day activities from my office!
Taking charge of the museum’s day-to-day activities from my office!

Ensuring that the museum functions in its day-to-day life is no easy task. Being in charge makes me realize how important our volunteers are to the running of Banting House – without them here, nothing would get done! While it can be exhausting, being caretaker of a National Historic Site of Canada is also very rewarding. It makes me love my job even more!

And so I sign off to go do my duties for the week – I will look forward to seeing Grant next Tuesday now that I have a new appreciation of the job he does!

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