Behind the Scenes: My Last Day at Banting House

Well, here we are – Saturday, August 30, my last day working at Banting House.

I went from a very messy office full of other people’s work, to a mildly messy office full of my own work, to this:

Can I be extremely cheesy and say my heart feels as empty as my office?
Can I be extremely cheesy and say my heart feels as empty as my office?

I can honestly say I’ve had an incredible experience here, and I’ll definitely miss working at Banting House. I got so much more than I expected out of this job. The curator, Grant, made sure that I was able to take charge on as many things as possible while I was here – I’ve published a ton of writing, both for this blog and on Wikipedia, and I’ve gotten to handle artifacts, learn a lot about social media, help put on a big event, and of course, give lots of tours. All these new experiences have kept my job very interesting and rewarding.

I’ve enjoyed giving people tours immensely. Really, I want to say “thank you” to all the people I’ve met over the past few months. I’ve given tours to so many people from so many different places, and you’ve all brightened my day. I’ve been so lucky to work at Banting House, because I’ve gotten to talk to lots of interesting and intelligent people, each one with a love for learning.

I’m sure this won’t be my last day ever at Banting House, as I’d love to find the time to volunteer, but I’ll miss spending my weeks here. At Banting & Friends VI, during my first week here, Jeff Bennett said that Sir Frederick and his house are a beacon of hope and inspiration; I couldn’t agree more.

This blog was written by Siena McLachlan, Special Events Assistant/Interpretive Guide at Banting House NHSC. Siena specializes in English Literature and Creative Writing at Western University.

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